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Lift The Flap Book

Where's Spot? Lift the flaps to find him as he hides around the house in this favourite story.

One of the best ever lift-the-flap books, this adorable story is the first in the series about the endearing Spot the dog. It introduces readers to Spot's world, where they will find many familiar objects, situations, and environments, all playfully depicted in Hill's lively and appealing style. Children will love hunting for Spot using the lift-the-flap format, even when they know exactly where he is! This is an undoubted winner with pre-school children.

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Eric Hill

Little Fingers and Toes Book

A pleasing poem that celebrates babies around the world. Whether from a remote village or an urban dwelling, a tent or the snow, Fox notes that each "of these babies, / as everyone knows, / had ten little fingers / and ten little toes.

Each stanza introduces a new pair of babies, and the illustrations cleverly incorporate the children from the previous stanzas onto one page, allowing readers to count not only fingers and toes but also babies. The last stanza switches its focus from two children to one "sweet little child," and reveals the narrator as that baby's mother.

Little readers will take to the repetition and counting, while parents will be moved by the last spread: a sweet depiction of mother and baby.

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Mem Fox

Me...Board Book

Thispicture book is illustrated in an appealing iconic style. In Me..., we meet a tiny baby penguin who discovers that, to her mother, she is a very big penguin indeed. Me...was chosen to go into Bookstart's Baby Packs in 2010.

A must-have for any little one's book collection!

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Emma Dodd

Nursery Rhymes Board Book

Roger Priddy's illustrated board bookNursery Rhymes features abeautiful, touch-and-feel embossed and textured drawings of popular nursery rhyme characters accompanying the sing-along CD.

Children will be encouraged to learn the words and interact with the music.

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Roger Priddy

Emotions Board Book

Find a happy baby! This bold, beautiful board book features six essential facial expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, silly and sleepy.

The idea is simple: Show a large, establishing image of a baby's face, then children to making the same face, then ask the reader to find that baby among several other faces. The very last spread includes all of the babyfaces and a mirror so babies can watch themselves make every face imaginable!

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Abrams Appleseed

Baby Touch Bath Book

Padded, waterproof book that’s perfect for sharing at bath or meal times. Press the squeaker each time you count together with the animals on each page. It can be attached to the bath or high chair so you don’t have to retrieve it again and again!


  • Bath Book:8 pages
  • Language:English
  • Product Dimensions:17.8 x 2 x 21.6 cm

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Rhyming Board Book

A baby is crying really rather loudly. What should the animals do?

The duck offers a rubber duckie as a distraction, but it’s no good; the other animals suggest that the baby might be hungry, but he doesn’t seem to fancy a pineapple, ice cream or even cat food. A bath’s no help and neither is playing… Might it be that the Boo-Hoo Baby needs a nap?

A picture book guide to diagnosing all the reasons babies usually cry, this is a delightful board book, perfect for reading again and again to little ones. Reassuring and cute at the same time!

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Cressida Cowell

Goodnight Baby Moon Book

The baby rabbits are out exploring the woods at night when they notice the big full moon. It shines its light brightly for all to see. Then, as the month progresses, the moon starts to disappear and the small bunnies are afraid they will never see it again. But they soon learn to trust in the moon’s cycle as it returns once more to shine down upon them.

Every detail of this book is stunningly designed. From the lit-up moon cover to the gorgeous silhouette pictures, done in dark hues, that depict the animals’ night time adventures.

The simple story introduces young readers to the moon phases in a lovely, reassuring manner and makes a charming bedtime read.

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That's Not My Teddy Book

Part of the popular series of touchy-feely books with simple, repetitive text. Bright, colourful illustrations with textures to touch and feel on every page. It helps very young children develop language and sensory skills.

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Fiona Watt